#626 Ability to grant kick/ban priv. to moderators on sub channel

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I am hosting a mumble server for a Gaming Community. The server has several guilds(clans) on it and random people on public channels. Guilds have their own sub channels that they can govern as they please. Otherwise everything is fine but they cannot kick people off from their channels or from the server currently. I cannot give them kick rights without giving them edit ACL rights on root level. That is of course not acceptable, because they should only be able to kick people from their guild main channel and sub channels. I am also setting up special moderator group for the public channels, but the same problem percists there, I can't give the moderators kick/ban privs on the public channel and its sub channels without giving them server wide kick/ban priviledges. This may sound a bit complicated, I've tried to illustrate this better on the attached picture.

What I am basicly requesting is kick/ban rights that effect only the channel it's set upon and it's sub channels. Currently only way I can see this done is by giving server wide kick/ban rights on the root.


  • Tresilian

    Tresilian - 2010-02-10

    Illustration of the setup requested

  • Bleifrei

    Bleifrei - 2010-02-10

    Kick/Ban and edit ACL are two different settings. So it should be possible to change this independently. Otherwise its a bug.

    Kick/Ban is a Server only feature, in channels u can only move user (i dont like that either)
    an other issue: User with kick/ban rights are able to kick/ban server admins
    that should be changed too

  • Kissaki

    Kissaki - 2013-08-19

    Where would you kick/ban users to?

    Instead of kicking, you should be able to put appropriate move permissions in place, so they can move users out of their channels, but not move users from other channels.

    Denying access to a channel to users is doable via ACL - so technically such an infrastructure is already in place.
    I'm not sure what the implications of increasing the ACL entries through bans (potentially many) are.
    Again, where would you bane the user to though. And if you want to ban him from a specific channel, with or without sub-channels, that is very ACL specific - so you do need edit ACL permission to explicitly and granularly declare your intentions.
    Maybe allowing a limited edit ACL permission on a channel base would appropriate? Where you can only allow and deny enter, speak, traverse, whisper, make temporary, make channel. A problem this would impose though is that the user with less permissions can overwrite the permissions that a higher level admin set up - limited to these permissions though.


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