#588 Extended Admin User Interface

Björn Lindén

Its very exciting to see all the progress with mumble lately, and especially the new Information window is very important to us!
However we think there should be more admin tools built into the Mumble interface.
More specific, we really think the "Registered Users" should be replaced with a "User List", as illustrated in the picture I´ve attached.
Its difficult to catch people jumping around between channels and its important that there is a more complete list of users where you can always find and ban users etc, even if they are not online.

As you can see we added a few filter check boxes and a few buttons that we really think are necessary tools for admins.
We also added icons so that you can see whether the users are online and registered or not. There should also be a way to see which users are banned, maybe draw a line over the name or something.
The Information button could show the same info that shows up when right clicking a user and selecting Information in the main mumble window. Additionally we think it would be a very good idea if admins were able to add notes about other users, that will be shown in this information window also.
A built in function to show and search the logfile would also be very appreciated.
The buttons in our illustration is just a suggestion of course, the functionality is whats important.

Forgive us if this feature or something similar already exists, in that case we have not been able to find it.

Best Regards,
/Mongo Crew


  • Björn Lindén
    Björn Lindén

    Illustration of suggested Admin UI

  • Dirk Krüger
    Dirk Krüger

    Nice idears. Yet I guess some of them require some major changes in the User System. Since I dont think that all vists to a mumble Server is stored yet in the Database. This would mean the database Tables have to be extended. Further more to store information about a user that dosnt have a certificate would mean to store ONLY the nick/username. I would be imposible to register a user offline with a missing certificate.
    I like your thoughts and would love to see them, yet I guess not all of your wishes can be done.

  • Zuko

    We (admins) need disconnected users history (to ban stupid users ;] ) and country flags

  • Björn Lindén
    Björn Lindén

    Yes this is a very pressing issue that needs attention I think =)
    More tools for the admins! =D
    But we must not forget the fantastic job the developers of Mumble has already done! =)

  • Kissaki

    I love your suggestions.

    The current registered users dialog is for managing user accounts.
    I can see how a connected users dialog could be very helpful.
    Merging the two together, with a appropriate filters would be even better.

    I also like the idea of adding admin notes to users. Bans already have a reason field - is that not sufficient?
    This could be a separate feature request though.

    Given that an admin can ban users/certs, merging ban information in as well could be useful indeed. If implemented, this should be limited to display of registered accounts though, and the separate ban list for normal ban handling.

    About checking the log file: I consider that totally out of scope of this feature request. :) (No idea how that would integrate into the user list/editor.)
    Feel free to check for / create a separate one.