#579 Force Specific Codec

Murmur (113)

I would like to have the ability to force clients to use a codec and quality setting by a server. If this could be done for each channel independently it would be even better.


  • Thorvald Natvig

    Thorvald Natvig - 2010-01-15

    For which usage scenario is this needed?


    EGRES - 2010-01-16

    I want to use mumble/murmur as guild server on my home connection. Limiting bandwith for a user can work, but i would like to have better quality for channels where we just chat and lower quality in channels for raiding where are many people. Most of the people are not tech savvy and this would spare a lot of explaining and helping them from my side.

  • hubble618

    hubble618 - 2010-01-17

    I like the idea.

    The bandwidth is set by the ini file. I would imagine the same could be done through the client as well, but for specific channels. Obviously if the limit for the channel is higher than it is in the ini file, then that number would be ignored because the ini file takes precedence. So first you would set the bandwidth limit for the specific channel, and then you would choose the codec used for that channel.

    But I also have a few questions, how high can speex go as far as bandwidth, and how low can celt go? The reason I ask this is more of an ethical question than it is technical, why force users to use a specific codec based on the bandwidth they choose? Why does mumble only have speex and celt, I would imagine because these are the only options you have because they are both open source, but I am just playing devil's advocate for having more codec options.

  • Flow

    Flow - 2010-02-19

    I second this request.
    Image a user with a low upstream 71 kibit/s ~9KByte/s.
    Playing BF2 and using TS2 with a upstream of ~5.6 Kibit/s ~700 bytes/s works fine (which a high voice lag).
    But with mumble even the lowest quality setting (15.2 kibit/s) causes lag, which makes BF2 unplayable.
    So I have 2 requests:
    - Implement a higher buffer, as its allready requestet in (https://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=2915535&group_id=147372&atid=768008 pls reopen)
    - Allow a per channel maximum bandwith setting (this request). That would prevent a congestion of the downstream by a high bandwith setting of a user on the other side.


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