#543 choose which soundcard plays text-to-speech

Mumble (514)

I hear gamesounds from my 5.1 sound system and voices of mumble through my headset. I'd like to hear the text-to-speech announcing who joins and leaves through headset, too. Through the standard sound system (5.1.) the voice gets lost all the time. Also adjusting the volume of it would be helpfull.


  • Mikkel Krautz

    Mikkel Krautz - 2009-12-21

    I don't think the API for TextToSpeech on the Windows side allows this. :( (I haven't checked, though)

    I know that the one Apple provides for Mac OS X only allows Text-to-Speech to be output to the default system device, or to a file.

    Volume adjustment of TTS is already possible. Use the slider at the bottom in the Messages configuration.

  • Shiny_K

    Shiny_K - 2009-12-21

    in Ventrilo it is possible to hear T2Speech from my headset

  • Mikkel Krautz

    Mikkel Krautz - 2009-12-21

    Ah, cool.

  • Philip Cass

    Philip Cass - 2010-02-18

    in windows 7, at least, the output device is selectable from the "advanced" button of the "text to speech" tab of the speech control panel settings

    i suspect you can directly control this in ventrilo because it handles speech synthesis itself; in mumble, this is handled by the OS, using the OS voice, speed, and device settings