Mikkel Krautz - 2009-10-21

Hey :)

For Mumble 1.2.0 we're moving towards a new authentication system based on certificates. This is meant to be the primary form of authentication from that point on, but obviously, passwords will still be there.

The implementation of this feature would need to accommodate for both of these cases. (And is even more important for certificate auth than password auth - certificates on the Mac are stored in keychain, and it's a bit of mess currently, if you want to use a certificate stored in keychain).

There's a minor hurdle, and that's that we lose the ability to copy over a mumble.sqlite database to another machine, and have the passwords/certs work. However, users sophisticated enough to know how to backup their Mumble database by hand also know that their credentials are stored in Keychain, so this could be a non-issue.