#483 Easier/Direct Access to groups...

Eve OneWay

Sometimes, we are relying heavily on groups and if not worked out in some WebApp of some sort to ease the process, it is a big hassle to do the same repetitive steps to reach the Group tab from the Client.

A direct menu link would really make my day. Or a window like the server browser where groups can be expanded, with an "Apply" button saving the change. At the moment, you have to click "OK" to apply the change wich closes the window you have to rinse.



  • Eve OneWay

    Eve OneWay - 2009-10-20

    Even more, for admins (or people with Write ACL on), a link on the right click menu on a particular user so that he can add a user in a group in a heartbeat.

    To explain a bit, I intend to give the "Whisper" open only to a particular group. But to do so, the user has to be added to it.

    So a simple right-click on a user with a "Add/Remove to/From Group" and the list showing so we can simply select the group... It may be a bit TS-Like but got to give them credit that you can give Channel Command to a user by a simple click. (Not necessarily the best thing also of course).

    Note though that a direct access to the group list (as per the original Feature Request) would already ease things a lot anyway.

  • Eve OneWay

    Eve OneWay - 2009-11-16

    Just a little bump on this to know if 1.2.0 is feature freezed and to add a little something to it for a better view.

    Right-click on user

    Add/Remove to group
    ...|-- GROUP1 (X)
    ...|-- GROUP2
    .........|--- Current channel
    .........|--- Parent
    .........|--- Root
    |-- GROUP3

    (X) = a checkmark or something visual saying that the user is already in that group. That way, Add/Remove can be in the same menu.

    Cheers o/

  • Exsitegaming.net

    +1 for this feature being added.
    Would help ease the user management system. Once Superuser has setup groups and group permissions, he could setup a group of sub-admins that have the permissions to sort members into groups by a simple right click add/remove to group.


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