#387 mumble 64 bits build ?

Mumble (514)


I'm a vista 64 user and i think that would be great if you can compile mumble into a 64bits build ! :D
More and more people are going to use 64bits os (with windows 7), so, considering there are just to recompile the source code (maybe just few adjustments), that will no take a lot of time and bring us performance improvement ;)

Thanks, you're doing a great work !


  • Thorvald Natvig

    Thorvald Natvig - 2009-05-21

    A 64 bit build would entail a complete 64 bit build system. Have a look at Mumble's list of dependencies, and you'll see this is non-trivial. So such a build would be less maintained than our 32-bit builds.

    On Vista 64 (and Win7), 32 bit code is run in native mode, so there is no performance penalty for doing so. Until you need the extended address space, or do a lot of 64-bit integer math, there really is no good reason to do 64 bit versions. There really has to be a technical advantage for doing a 64-bit compile before we'll start doing it.

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