#383 Logitech G19 Support


Option to see on LCD screen all visitors in current channel you are.
Those who are talking - their nickname would go red and others who are not talking would just be listed next to all others but their nicknames would be white.
... background of lcd screen black, colors can be different depends what developer choose :) or if possible there would be additional option so user can choose colors.
Atm G15 versions works on G19 too, but it shows only channel name and person who talks, so if no one talks you don't see who is there.


  • Leya

    Leya - 2009-05-17

    Mumble at G19 Screen

  • Thorvald Natvig

    Thorvald Natvig - 2009-05-20

    Unfortunately, Logitech has licensed their G15/G19 interface library in a way that is incompatible with GPL libraries, which means we can't link to both at the same time. For the G15, we've "solved" this by having the applet run in an external program, and sending that application bitmaps which then sends them on to the G15. Even with this workaround, it's a bit unclear if we're legally allowed to distribute the resulting binary as long as it includes Logitech's link library.

    For the G19, the bitmaps are now ~100 times larger (larger resolution and 24bit color), which means stuffing bitmaps to an external process isn't quite as smooth anymore. To do cool things with the G19, we'd ideally need to have the lglcd library in the same process as Mumble.

    We've tried contacting Logitech about this, but haven't heard anything back from them. Feel free to put some pressure on them to release the lglcd link library and header file under a license that is compatible with open source programs. Alternately, if you could find an independent third party to examine their library and write a spec for us, we could do a clean room implementation.

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