#355 Text-To-Speech language override

Mumble (514)

When UI is only English, Text-To-Speech function is correctly pronounced.
I understand that Text-To-Speech can't read the languages other than English.

Even if I have selected UI of the languages other than English, does not Text-To-Speech not come to pronounce the message in English?


  • Thorvald Natvig

    Thorvald Natvig - 2009-04-04

    TTS can handle any language you have an installed TTS engine for. For example, my TTS setup reads Norwegian.

  • haru_arc

    haru_arc - 2009-04-05

    In Japan, TTS engine is so expensive. (about 50 US$

    The latest edition of Microsoft Office don't bundle Japanese TTS engine .

    so , most Mumble user in Japan uses English TTS engine which included in Windows OS.

    If it is possible, I want you to enable the language that TTS reads out to be changed.

  • Kissaki

    Kissaki - 2009-04-15

    There's no TTS engine included in mumble, and probably won't be.
    You'll have to find your own engine (buy or free).
    Mumble only hooks up the installed engines and uses them / sends them the data.
    As slicer stated, this works (at least for him) with other languages than english.

  • Chris2000SP

    Chris2000SP - 2009-05-10

    i dont understand all of this here, but if you search for a free engine, is it helpfully to look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speech_synthesis
    It has help me to search for it.

  • haru_arc

    haru_arc - 2009-05-10

    I think that it is not transmitted to want to say.

    I want TTS to read the languages other than being set to UI.

    I configure Japanese as UI language, but TTS engine read English UI text.

    I do not hope any further if this cannot not be easily done.

  • Stefan H.

    Stefan H. - 2009-10-30

    UI in one language and TTS in another. Isn't that a bit annoying (I doubt you chat in english, do you?).

    ps: I updated the ticket title, didn't know what was in there as it was before.


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