#195 Group flags

3 days ago

An option to show custom icons for server group members in the flag section would be a nice addition.


  • Stefan H.

    Stefan H. - 2009-10-30

    We already discussed about such a feature internally. I'd say it is very probable we will implement something like that (cannot give you a time-frame though).

  • Natenom

    Natenom - 2013-10-30
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  • Anonymous - 2013-10-30

    +1 !

  • Mehlox

    Mehlox - 2014-07-16

    Anything new on this one? This really is an important feature. Especially when gaming with larger number of people we need to be able to distinguish admins/moderators/commanders/etc from other players... And this is where Group Icons would come in handy!

  • Frank

    Frank - 2014-11-23

    +1 !

  • AK26

    AK26 - 2014-12-20

    Yes, this is quite needed. Real easy way for a new user to find an admin if they have issues. And having spiffy custom icons next to names wouldn't hurt either.

  • Waldemar Hamm

    Waldemar Hamm - 2015-02-26

    I second this notion.
    Please do implement this!

  • alth3r

    alth3r - 2015-05-16

    Would make a neat feature indeed! :)

  • Keridos

    Keridos - 2015-07-13

    +1 from me, would love this as well.

  • Waldemar Hamm

    Waldemar Hamm - 2015-07-13

    Is there some kind of roadmap or something, where we could see this being implemented in the future?
    This missing feature is the only thing that's keeping me from ditching Teamspeak...

  • Keridos

    Keridos - 2015-07-14

    This is in discussion since 6 years already, please implement that maybe even in 1.3.x ?

  • Magnus Olsson

    Magnus Olsson - 2015-09-23

    +1 from me, admins/moderators and donating members or ranks in guilds, will have many uses! Maybe even possible for several tags/icons if you belong to more than on group with tags.

  • Jalon

    Jalon - 2016-06-22

    +1, this is needed, i see a lot of people hate mumble because it looks terrible out of the box

  • Waldemar Hamm

    Waldemar Hamm - 2016-06-22

    I understand that Mumble is an open-source and free solution with some remarkable technical advancement for its ressources but saying it's very probable that you implement this and then not do it for almost seven years is sad.

    I lost my hopes in Mumble a long time ago and have moved to Discord, which I recommend for everyone else to do as well, as long as they're not paranoid about using a (due to the Erlang backend practically DDoS-safe) cloud service that encrypts and doesn't save the voice chat.

  • Claudio Diana

    Claudio Diana - 3 days ago

    Still need this feature so bad


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