#191 Packet Loss Warning


I think it would be cool to warn the player about a high packet loss. Also a current (last minute or so) packet loss percentage would be nice to be displayed in the Server > Information dialog. As a really nice addition, Mumble could tell the user that activating the TCP mode could help to solve a high packet loss on cost of latency. I've seen such a situation with a player who is using a UMTS internet connection, where TCP mode helped him very well.


  • Pilot_51

    Pilot_51 - 2008-03-27

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    I agree.
    The warning could also direct the user to the Server Information so they can see the details quickly or if they don't know about it in the menu.
    I think packet loss percentage would be easier for most users to understand, but of course it should never replace the detailed information which currently exists.

  • Thorvald Natvig

    Thorvald Natvig - 2008-03-28

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    The client doesn't know it has packet loss until the server tells it; something it can't do if you have heavy packet loss. It could probably show when you have light packet loss though.
    Note that the two things you request are incompatible; for TCP mode we have no clue if there is packet loss or not. Also, TCP mode uses considerably more resources (bandwidth and CPU) so it should only be used in extreme cases (UMTS qualifies).


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