#175 Implement plugin-support for systems other than Windows

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As Windows is the only platform supporting plugins and, according to slicer, it is not likely that Unixes will get support for plugins any time soon, the "Plugins" tab in the settings dialogue could as well be hidden for any other environment to avoid confusion.


  • hangy

    hangy - 2008-03-15

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    This assumption was made after I talked to slicer who said that plugins will not be on Unixes, because there is no good low-latency audio system for positional audio (or something like that, I do not remember it by word any more).

    It just occurred to me that this is absolutely no reason for Unixes not to support plugins.
    Even though the Unix clients might not consume positional audio in near future, there is no reason on why they should not be able to send their own position to other people on the murmer server, thus making it possible to hear their position in virtual space on Windows systems.

    For that reason, I am changing this feature request to implement plugins on other systems than Windows, instead of hiding the plugins tab. :)

  • Thorvald Natvig

    Thorvald Natvig - 2008-03-17

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    Plugins on unixes are supported now, someone just has to write a few plugins.


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