#1139 Allow Deafen Without Mute


See #2 of https://sourceforge.net/apps/phpbb/mumble/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1243

I want to still be able to speak and hear my PTT key, text messages, etc., but otherwise be "deafened." Hearing people changing channels/connecting/etc. is optional--Vent has that audible when the sound is muted, but I don't really care since I only "deafen" if someone else in the room is also in the channel (but it's uncommon enough that dual audio for it isn't too annoying).

Maybe add some check box options for what occurs when you deafen? "Mute yourself" could be an option that is selected by default.


  • Antoine Sierro

    Antoine Sierro - 2014-10-26

    No for privacy reasons. Someone might not know he's still being heard. And what's the purpose to talk to people without hearing them ? I see trolls coming with this feature. Without earing you would always interrupt others

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  • Miranda

    Miranda - 2014-10-26

    Well the icon indicating their mic is off wouldn't show, so I'm not sure how icons are related. The computer in question would not get the audio, they'd just still be able to talk.

    The purpose is if you have multiple people in the same channel in the same room. It is a pain in the butt to need to individually mute every single person, plus then you don't get to see the light to tell who is talking.

    I sometimes raid in the same room as someone else and having two sets of audio makes zero sense at all (and is quite frankly AWFUL), but needing to individually locally mute every single person in the channel, and then un-mute them when not in the same room, re-mute them, etc., is extremely annoying.

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  • Antoine Sierro

    Antoine Sierro - 2014-10-26

    Privacy is not for you, it's for someone else who doesn't know defean doesn't mute. Plus I still don't know why you would do this... You can simply go in setting and set output volume to 0 if you want to hear alerts and not people. Plus I still don't see the point of not willing to hear people. Mumble is to talk, not to monologue I think.

  • Miranda

    Miranda - 2014-10-26

    I explained why I didn't want to hear people...two sets of speakers with the same audio coming out doesn't work, it sounds absolutely awful.

    Changing the output volume should work, but the talking light still doesn't show up for people, which is frustrating. Actually I was playing with it and it just doesn't change, I set it to 0% while someone was talking and their light just stayed on permanently. Seems like at least that could be fixed. :)

  • Miranda

    Miranda - 2014-12-31

    Okay well setting it to 1% mostly works, only now I don't get any push to talk sound. :(

  • Frank Löffler

    Frank Löffler - 2016-11-30

    Two years later and the same request. I don't understand why this shouldn't be possible. I do understand why it might not be the default (because it might surprise people). But why shouldn't it possible to deafen myself without muting myself too?

  • Bishop

    Bishop - 2016-12-11

    The issue is not a technical one. It's not being worked, obviously, as it's too easy to abuse. That's my understanding from the well-stated case in the comments above, and I recommend you re-read them if you don't yet understand.

  • Lyam Witherow

    Lyam Witherow - 2017-02-16

    This shouldn't be an issue, and the overlay can have the icons showing or, change the colour of the person's name.