#1135 Recording Indicator


Hey, so I just migrated my server over to using Mumble instead of Skype and I must say it's much better, kind believe we didn't do it sooner.

But there is a request for a feature I thought would be useful, so all of us are YouTubers and are recording pretty much 24/7 these days and it would be nice if there was an indicator that would show next to a users name to state that they are recording at that time, not to be confused with the audio recording feature (which is another great addition that we love).
The way I see it, see there is already the audio recording icon which of course is the little red dot, maybe a DVCam icon to show when a user is recording.

As I say, we love Mumble but just feel that for us (and maybe others) a way to show when members are recording footage would be a useful feature.

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  • The8BitMonkey

    The8BitMonkey - 2013-12-23

    Another idea in addition to the main one.
    Along with the recording indicator maybe a way to define what/where you are recording by adding a message to it via a tooltip (similar to the way the current comment system works)

  • Kissaki

    Kissaki - 2014-02-21

    As a suggestion how something similar could be implemented right now for you:
    Create an Ice script that allows chat commands which adds a tag to a username.
    Then after you logged in to Mumble you could type !recording and would get a [recording] to your name.

    Not explicitly what you asked for but an option how you could use Mumble as it is right now to get that information.