#1118 Multichannel (Stereo) Audio Capture from Microphone, mixer, etc.


Many Mumble users has a multichannel microphone or some users likes to translate music into channel. In TeamSpeak this feature works perfect. But in Mumble works only single channel capturing (Mono). I think, this feature may be switching on via settings. Thank you.


  • Daniel MacDonald

    My radio station wants to ditch Skype entirely for Mumble. Mumble supporting stereo would greatly improve the broadcasting potential of Mumble - as would proper, official, native JACK support so I've logged my vote for that elsewhere here alongside the many others who agree with me!

  • Kissaki

    Kissaki - 2013-08-17

    Many Mumble users has a multichannel microphone

    What do you base that hypothesis on? How many is “many”?
    Because personally, I have never talked to one yet.

    I am not sure what benefits this really provides. When I talk just my mouth is the sound output - one source of it. So a stereo mic should not really provide better audio, especially for justifying the duplicate bandwidth needed.

    Are we talking about different applications here? Could you elaborate on those?
    Especially for a radio station - is it >1 person per mic?

  • Daniel MacDonald

    Most mumble users (ie most computer users) will only have a mono mic.

    Stereo is useful for broadcasting so that people listening to a live stream within a mumble channel get to hear both channels of any music being streamed.

  • Andrew Grigorev

    Andrew Grigorev - 2013-11-04

    IMHO this could be somehow compex to implement, taking a 3d-positioning functionality into account.

    I used Mumble during musical rehearsals, and my choice here is the following: if you need several channels to transmit sound from several mics - just use several clients.

    Using stereo mic for gaming has no sense.

    Using Mumble to listen the internet radio is also not very good idea, as you could just listen the internet radio using your preferred audio player.

    Last edit: Andrew Grigorev 2013-11-04
  • Hayden Shaw

    Hayden Shaw - 2014-06-13

    I'll just start this by saying Mumble is an excellent piece of software and thank you very much for developing and continuing to improve it.

    I recently acquired a condenser microphone as I wanted to get into a bit of home recording and also use it for VoIP as my current microphone (Logitech Pro 9000) actually blue screens my computer every week or so!

    Was sad to find out that every stereo Line In or Mic In on either my Asus Xonar D2X sound card or my motherboard's integrated Realtek audio controller just isn't supported by Mumble. If this feature could be added, that'd be super lovely!

  • Lee S

    Lee S - 2017-01-05

    It took a lot of digging to understand that this is the issue, and I'm disappointed it seems the developers have no interest in supporting this. Even an option to downmix a stereo input to mono would work well here, because whatever Mumble currently does results in a totally unusable input.