#111 Do not ship speex


I just noticed that mumble ships with speex.

It would be probably better not to ship it and use the distributions' speex version instead, shipped with speex-devel in Fedora 7.


  • Thorvald Natvig

    Thorvald Natvig - 2007-09-17

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    Speex 1.1 has an unstable API; function calls change from one version to the next. There is no way to find out which version is in use at compile time, and even if there was we'd need to have 2-3 versions of large chunks of the code. Look at the 0.9.x releases where we tried this; it just doesn't work.
    Besides, we'd still have to work around bugs present in older versions of the library. Even FC7 ships a version of speex with known bugs in the echo canceller, and I have no idea if they've included all the "right" module flags for my use.

    So we'll stick with a version of the library we know to work and where our needed fixes are included.

  • Martin Jürgens

    Martin Jürgens - 2007-09-17

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    Okay, this is a good argumentation.

    Thanks for the great software.


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