#1084 True AFK channel where ALL audio is suppressed


I'd like to see the ability to have a true AFK channel where ALL audio messages become suppressed. Currently you can deny Speak, but people in the AFK channel can still hear when people connect, disconnect, join channel, etc. If possible, I'd like to see it where people joining the AFK channel are also automatically deafened as well based upon how you set up the permissions. So they would be able to be muted and deafened automatically when joining the AFK channel.

People currently in an AFK channel can still hear when someone joins or leaves the channel, connects or disconnects from the server, etc. Often people will go to an AFK channel to watch a video online (YouTube, etc), watch a movie on their computer, listen to music, numerous other things. Because of being able to hear the join/leave/connect/disconnect messages, they often have to Deafen/Mute self to avoid hearing these messages.

This is one of the highest requested features from the people who connect to my Mumble server.


  • Phanther

    Phanther - 2013-04-10

    There just needs to be an option that sets permissions of users who go inside the channel to become deafened. There is already an option for making them mute, so there should be one for deafening them.

  • Kissaki

    Kissaki - 2014-05-20

    The client is in control over his output. Why would the server force someone to get deafened because it thinks the client is afk? I would argue this should never be the servers decision. If it is automated, it should be a configurable client setting.

    Contra use case: Being afk, with speakers, alone on the server, but waiting for someone to join - hearing it going back to the PC.

  • Phanther

    Phanther - 2014-05-20

    Having a server automatically move AFK clients (something configurable) would be cool, but not what I was looking for in this feature.

    Having an AFK channel where the user voluntarily joins is important for some mumble servers. It is similar to the channel-forced mute, but instead a channel-forced deafen. It just prevents any sound from people joining and leaving the AFK channel. It's a convenience from having to manually deafen yourself.

    • Kissaki

      Kissaki - 2014-05-20

      I get what you are suggesting, but interpret the “convenience” as an enforcement and taking control from users to potentially unwanted enforced behaviour.
      And with that in mind, I don’t see why a AFK channel with mute should not be enough. From an “others go AFK” standpoint that’s all we need. And for a “I go AFK” stand-point, the client should handle that / I should just deafen myself if I would have problems with sound output.

  • Tarun

    Tarun - 2014-05-21

    You can currently have a pseudo-AFK channel by making it so anyone who joins is Muted (Speak is set to Deny). However, in reality this is not enough nor is it on-par with the other VoIP clients available. Teamspeak, Ventrilo, etc.have support for this feature and it is actually very useful.

    If you're alone on the server whatever channel you're in if you go afk doesn't matter.

    The key point I'm stressing here is for servers who designate an AFK channel.

    If people move themselves to the AFK channel they should not be forced to hear connects, disconnects, joins, leaves, or any other messages. Joining a designated AFK channel and being forced to hear this until you Deafen yourself can become a nuisance on highly populated servers.

    Why should the client be forced to Deafen themself when they move to a designated AFK channel?

    AFK channel

  • Githlar

    Githlar - 2015-05-04

    I wrote a bot script based off Mumblebee that I've been using on my Mumble for over a year now. I designate an AFK channel in the bot and he sits there. If somebody is inactive for a configurable amount of time, the bot takes note of the channel they're in and moves them to the AFK channel. I avoid the talking issue by capturing audio packets. As soon as the AFK bot detects an audio packet from somebody in the AFK channel, it kicks them back from the channel they left. Perhaps I should publish this somewhere so you guys can use it/integrate it into whatever bot you're running maybe.

    It would be nice to configure it via the server config, I admit but this works just as well =)

    Posted it to Github: https://www.github.com/chuck-r/afkbot

    Last edit: Githlar 2015-05-04

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