#1032 Add ASIO output support for Mumble client

Mumble (514)

When using REAPER's REAROUTE ASIO DRIVER, it allows one to send and receive "outside" audio, to and from the REAPER DAW application.
It would be great to be able to send audio FROM mumble TO REAPER via one of the REAROUTE ASIO CHANNELS and vice versa
being able to send audio TO mumble from a separate REAPER REAROUTE ASIO DRIVER channel. Using Asio4all as REAPERs ASIO DRIVER,
and with reaper's REAROUTE ASIO DRIVER installed too, one can use multiple sound cards, multiple asio supported apps etc, inside REAPER and really increase the FUN and FUNCTION of MUMBLE by being able to send and receive from and to mumble while inside REAPER and ALSO have all the VST PLUGINS available to use. (NOTE: REAROUTE currently crashes mumble when selecting REAROUTE ASIO DEVICE as MUMBLE INPUT....this would have to fixed to enable REAROUTE to work in mumble and hopefully add output asio support too...THANKS.)


  • Radikal Den store

    I would also like this.
    Especially for real ASIO enabled cards, not the ASIO4ALL.

  • iCW

    iCW - 2013-05-09

    There are already 2 other open source projects that have been including full input and output ASIO support
    - SOUNDJACK - http://www.carot.de/soundjack/
    - JAMULUS - http://llcon.sourceforge.net/
    These are applications that let you JAM ONLINE,
    NETWORK MUSIC PERFORMANCE apps, using OPUS codec, full duplex high fidelity audio..
    - and - ASIO - has full support in both of these programs.

    Having FULL ASIO SUPPORT for INPUT and OUTPUT, in MUMBLE should also be possible.

    Being able to use JACKROUTER on WINDOWS MACHINES, is another plus for adding full ASIO SUPPORT for MUMBLE. Being able to reroute inside the JACK AUDIO CONNECTION KIT FOR WINDOWS, in their connection bay, with any other ASIO AWARE APP, which will load up inside the CONNECTION bay, we can make connections to mumble and from mumble to any other app(s) inside this awesome mixing bay if there were only full support for ASIO for mumble.

  • Nibato

    Nibato - 2014-01-11

    This would be really useful for me, as some outputs on my audio interface can only be utilized through ASIO


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