#1029 Opus 2.5ms and Higher bitrate.

Mumble (514)

Not sure if this has been asked for, but here goes.

As topic says:

It would be nice to be able to go as far down as 2.5ms for those with fast internet and good system.
Also it would be nice to increase the bitrate more than 96, maybe 128-196?

Not sure if there is a limit to how much you can go when it comes to communication, or if it just takes more cpu resources.

Well that´s it, thanks for a Terrific software!


  • Kissaki

    Kissaki - 2012-10-22

    Given opus is such a great codec, 96 should be more than enough.
    Did you check up on opus? Some of the introductions on final spec release (by Mozilla for example) elaborated on how Opus needs much less bandwidth for the same audio quality.

    • Radikal Den store

      Is there a way to achieve this myself?
      As it´s open source, can´t i just add to the Latency slider to go down more, and Bitrate to go up more?

      Cause it would be really nice if it´s possible.
      I am no programmer, but if it´s fairly easy to do, i think i can do it.


  • Radikal Den store

    I have tried Opus, and with Mumble, i am not saying that the quality is bad, but why i want the option to increase is for it to be Transparent, and survive Transcoding.

    For example when recording a game along with mumble and then uploading it to youtube.

    It will go from Opus to (whatever you encode, i often do Vorbis 10) and then to AAC 152 or what Youtube chooses depending on resolution.

    So higher bitrate will make it Transparent throughout better.

    And of course, transparency overall is nice:)


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