#1024 Only show connections/disconnections from channel

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Bruno Monti

I'm currently using a big Mumble server, so there's a lot of movement, with people connecting and disconnecting all the time. There should be a way to only show on the log and alert me when people connect and/or disconnect only from my current channel. If User Left/Joined Server is enabled, I'm shown every single user moving on the server, and with User Joined/Left Channel I'm only shown when users enter the channel, not exit.
If possible, can it be enabled only for friends? Then I could only make these messages be shown for specific people.
Right now is kind of annoying, I can't tell when someone disconnects from my channel, only if he changed channel or if I enable the option to show when someone on the whole server disconnect.


  • Stefan H.

    Stefan H. - 2012-07-04

    You can configure what types of notifications a message triggers in the Configure->Settings->Messages menu (make sure to check "Advanced"). There are specific message types for join/left channel.

  • Bruno Monti

    Bruno Monti - 2012-07-04

    The "User Join Channel" works, but for "User Left Channel" it only triggers when the user changes channel, if I want to know when he lefts the server, I have to enable "User Left Server", thus making it trigger to everyone on other channels.

  • Kissaki

    Kissaki - 2012-10-22

    Yeah, I think this could be improved.

    The thing is though, providing a left channel message when a user leaves as well would double/duplicate the message when you have both enabled to show.
    Maybe using an either show disconnected or left** would be the way to go - even though this can be confusing …


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