#1020 Add a profile panel - a window for channel/user details

Mumble (514)

My suggestion is to add a informations panel that could be on right (but could be moved elsewhere).

If we would select a chanel, It would display the informations about de chanel (chanel name, image, description, number of users...)
If we would select an user, It would display the informations about the user (username, avatar, personnal comment, country with a flag)

It wouldn't be too much difficult to implement and It would be very nice.

I hope you will like my idead and that you will implement them.

Mumble is still very good but make it better. :)

Best regards and thank you for all your work !


  • I think this is a good idea for improvement. To the best of my knowledge it's TeamSpeak's way of handling comments. So from my point of view in particular users willing to switch from TeamSpeak to Mumble will look for this feature.

    Out of curiosity I tried see how difficult it is to implement. I added a QDockWidget containing a QTextBrowser. Via Signals/Slots I connected the UserView with the TextBrowser. Works like a charm. The only thing that's a bit ugly now is that the comments are stored in the ToolTip role...

    If any of the Mumble developers is interested, I'd be happy to help implementing this feature.

  • Dextair

    Reminder that it is possible to add some informations like on teamspeak :

    • The user country with a flag. (regarding the ip adress)
    • First connection date
    • Last connection date
    • Total of connections

    It would be richer.

  • Kissaki

    Great suggestion!
    I think providing an optional window-view for the comments/stuff that is normally displayed on hover/comment-icon-click would be a great addition.

    As for your last comment, those are suggestions to provide more user info?
    Those things can be implemented by a Mumble administrator, via an Ice authenticator.
    I’m not sure there’s a place for these “fancy stats” fields in Mumble.
    First connection time? What for? …
    Last connection time? We have a last_active field for users already.
    Total connections? Not sure of its usefulness. Can be increased artificially, by mistake, or by networking issues.

  • bendem

    And maybe a way to take note on it so if you're on public server, you don't forgot who's who... ;)

  • ZerofeniX

    I think this is a great option but I personally would prefer the option to make it either a panel or a pop out window. I like my mumble window as it is right now but I'd prefer a full fledged pop out window as opposed to a tool tip.