mrrights - 2013-12-27

I'm using Mumble 1.2.4, but this happened in 1.2.3 too.

Confusing thread title, I know, but:
Whenever I'm using Mumble and playing (or doing anything else for that matter), and whenever anyone speaks or any other sound is made by the Mumble program, the sound "world" (I really don't know how to describe this) changes.

What I mean by this is that in my headset (Logitech G35, running on 5.1 mode) the sound is usually very flat and sounds like you're in a hall or something, but when a sound originates from Mumble, it makes everything sound sharper, clearer and closer in my headphones. So much so that I would actually prefer it like that.

What the hell is happening? How do I stop it from happening (preferably by making it default)? It's not the "Attenuate" option, because that's turned off.

I would record it, but it doesn't seem to happen in recordings made with Bandicam.

Help? Thanks!