Aerrol - 2012-10-24

So, as the topic title suggests, my mic no longer seems to work on mumble.
This is odd, as I've had no problems with mumble for over a year now, and I
haven't changed anything (updated drivers, etc). I am running the most current
version of mumble (and have reinstalled), and have tried to re-run the audio
wizard a few times as well as fiddling with the compression quality and the
audio per packet. I am especially stumped because all my other voice chat
programs (skype, steam voice chat) seem to be working just fine with this mic.

If it helps, I have been described as having a 'robot voice' by my friends.
Essentially it sounds like only a bit of my transmission is getting through,
much delayed and broken up.

Any suggestions as to what to do now would be very much appreciated.