Chris Yearsley - 2013-07-13

Use case: Mumble server rented so young family members can chat with schoolfriends privately on Minecraft etc.
Problem: The certificate binds the client installation to 'me'. Educating a child on key management is a big ask.
Ideal solution: A script, or commend-line-argument, that invokes the client using a particular certificate. Or, just turn certificates off somehow. Or anything... this is getting frustrating!

I'm new to Mumble, and appreciate its voice quality, but it seems that it's only suitable if there's only one computer user in a household. Surely there's a simple workaround ? Simple enough that it's easily explained to another family e.g. I know one set of friends also have two children, one computer, and their level of tech skills is very minimal.

All suggestions welcome. I'm really not bothered about security as long as my server isn't completely public. I'm really not bothered about who has superuser - I will know personally everyone who is given an access password.