Josh - 2013-01-24

Since I've been using mumble it works fine while playing World of Warcraft. If I tab out of WoW or use mumble while not in WoW, I will get static when using my mouse and keyboard. This problem will persist until my computer stutters and freezes up for about 5-10seconds and i will get this high pitch sound out of my headset until I exit mumble and unplug my headset. Once I re-plug in my headset and start mumble up again I'll need to reset the audio in and audio out again. I don't have any issues with it at all while I'm actually in WoW using mumble. Overlay has always been off, exclusives have been turned off. So I don't understand this issue. Both my keyboard and mouse are wired usb and plugged into the back of my tower and headset is logitech corded usb plugged into the front of my tower, I have tried other usb ports for my headset as well. All other voice programs work fine regardless of what I do. My guild has decided to use mumble so I cannot change that.