SuperUser password change Murmur Windows 7

  • BenjaminH

    BenjaminH - 2012-09-19

    I am posting this, as it has taken me awhile to find out how to do it. For the
    beginner who is unfamiliar with command prompt and wants to host a murmur, I
    felt it was important to pass on my findings. This will show you how to set /
    change your superuser password for a murmur in mumble so that you can have an
    admin murmur to do initial configuration of your murmur on Windows 7 (I
    repeated myself a lot so this will hit on Google search parameters)...

    NOTE: these instructions will only work if you have installed the enitre
    Mumble/Murmur suite into the default directory during initial installation
    (click this link for a helpful
    "how to" on this step)

    1. Beginning at your Windows 7 desktop, click the "Start" button at the bottom left.
    2. In the bottom-left Search programs, and files field, type in cmd, and press "enter" on your keyboard.
    3. Now type *cd c:* and press "enter"
    4. Now type cd program files (x86) and press "enter"
    5. Now type cd mumble and press "enter"
    6. Now type start murmur.exe -supw your-password-here

    NOTE: make sure to type the appropriate spaces and punctuation exactly as I
    have typed it here in the instructions or it will not work.

    Many of you may think this is laughably basic, but if so, then obviously this
    isn't a post for you. This is for anyone simply wanting to start a murmur and
    have the admin privileges to initially configure their murmur, but aren't
    familiar yet with cmd prompt, file paths, etc.**

  • BenjaminH

    BenjaminH - 2012-09-19

    Step 6: Now type start murmur.exe -supw your-password-here and press
    Step 7: Now, follow the steps in this
    to further add yourself as
    an authenticated superuser in your own murmur