SteelStiletto - 2014-07-28

Since last Friday, Mumble input has stopped working for me. I have two mics, a USB and a Bluetooth one, and neither work. Continuous mode is silent, voice activated doesn't pic up anything (the levels never move and stay at the minimum (silent) level), and PTT won't toggle at all (the lips stay gray and don't ever go red). This is with both mics.

I was on a 1.2.5x version (don't recall which) so I updated to 1.2.7. I also deleted my config (both in %APPDATA% and in the registry) and still have the same issue. The mics work in other voice applications ( and Google Hangouts (and local loopback) being the other test cases) and exclusive mode is disabled. I'm running Windows 8.1, and I've run out of troubleshooting steps that I can think of. Below is linked a screenshot of my input settings, but nothing looks completely amiss to me. Any tips or suggestions on how to proceed from this point would be greatly appreciated.