El_Bob_Jr - 2014-07-13

So the issue is that even though I have made a certificate, I am still displayed as not being authenticated, I believe this is odd as when I completed my certificate creation, mumble told me to "enjoy using mumble with strong authentication," I am able to connect to a server however any attempt to move out of the base root channel is to no avail and I simply get the message denied enter privileges.
- All other users of the channel have the authenticated user symbol, however I do not although I do have a certificate, any ideas on what I have done wrong or indeed have failed to do would be most welcome. - I as of current are using a simple self signed certificate, this is because a suggestion may be to upgrade the certificate, (although I have tried this before and it still didn't work, in addition, on the certificate display, the upgraded certificate had no name next to the "name" field.)
- If you require additional information as to the set up I have do feel free to ask.
- Thanks in advance.

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