MeJoho - 2014-03-15

Hi I use Windows 8.1, 64 bit, and Mumble 1.2.5.
When I in the shortcut tab makes a shortcut to activate and deactive the overlay in a gameit doesn't work.

What happens is that when I press the shortcut, instead of deactivating the overlay, it brings Mumble up in my game. The game is Counter-Strike: Glboal Offensive.
I have tried to run Mumble as administrator, but then the overlay doesn't even work.

I hope you guys can help me making the overlay shortcut to work.

I can't provide screenshots because of some reason, even though I can see it on my screen, the screenshots does not include that Mumble has shown up inside my game.


Another thing is a that I have a G15 keyboard so I can use the LCD feature in Mumble. But it only shows when people are talking, it would be really awesome if I could edit some kind of file or something to make it so it shows everyone in the channel in Mumble on the LCD display.

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