I want to traduce this project in Italian...

  • Garret

    I want to traduce this wonderful project in Italian but by where i should start? Where i can find the files to edit? Where i can post at the end the italian version?

    • You'll need to use Qt's linguist tool to do the translation, the file you want work with is mumble_it.ts

      Once done, upload the .ts file as a patch here on sourceforge in the Patches tracker.

      What platform are you on?

    • Garret

      I use Ubuntu(with gnome :/ ). I see the file but can i use the normal gedit editor to edit words(if not what packages i have to download from apt?)?
      If i want see my work before posting where i have to put the file(i have installed mumble through .deb file, while i have taken the mumble_it.ts file from the .zip).

      Thanks !!

      • You'll need the package qt4-dev-tools and on Ubuntu the tool to use is linguist-qt4. Using gedit is likely to mess up the formatting, which would render the file unusable.

        You probably want to grab the SVN version of mumble. Then go into the src/murmur directory and type:
        lupdate murmur.pro
        lrelease murmur.pro

        That will give you a up-to-date version of mumble_it.ts. If you translate the one that's in the zip file, you'll miss all the new strings that have been added or changed.

        Patches can be changed after uploading, so there's no need to review your work. Just upload the whole mumble_it.ts when you're done :)

    • Garret

      Ok thanks for answers, i have found the linguist-qt4 package. Then i have download the svn version from:
      $ svn co https://mumble.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/mumble mumble
      Now i have two problems:

      1- When i go on the src/murmur directory the lupdate murmur.pro and lrelease murmur.pro commands don't work:

      garret@garret-desktop:~/mumble/trunk/src/murmur$ lupdate murmur.pro
      /home/garret/mumble/trunk/src/murmur/ServerDB.cpp:40: Unbalanced parentheses in C++ code (or abuse of the C++ preprocessor)

      2- Because these commands don't work i can't obtain the mumble_it.ts file(infact in the svn version there isn't).

      I was thinking: can i use for example the mumble_es.ts file as draft and save at the and as mumble_it.ts ?

      • That would be because I made a typo :)

        When I said cd src/murmur etc etc.. replace all of "murmur" with "mumble" and it works :)

        Oh.. And since you're on ubuntu, you want to use lupdate-qt4 and lrelease-qt4 to make sure it's the right version of lupdate.

    • Garret

      I see that there are some words with '%' or '&' prefix.. i don't know if the attacched word must be traduced also in italian or must remain in english.

      For example the word "%Add"..

      I see other language files and here are traduced...

      • I just looked through the translation files, and I can't find %Add anywhere. There's a few '&Add' though. That & is the HTML entity for ampersand (&), which is used to specify the shortcut key in the menu. For example, if the File menu is 'Fi&le', then alt-l would open that menu.

        Also, please call it "translate".