Process priority

  • Steve Alekseev

    Steve Alekseev - 2010-08-26

    How can i start mumble on windows with below normal priority?
    start /low mumble.exe
    not help

    • IntelliMoo

      IntelliMoo - 2014-03-19

      you have to use like:

      start "" /low "c:\the full path\mumble.exe"

      Problem was the empty "" has to be there. :)

  • Léo Flaventin

    Léo Flaventin - 2011-08-29

    I'm with the same probleme, maybe I'll have to get the source to modify that,
    Moreover, I think it's two line...
    bad programming :/

  • Steve Alekseev

    Steve Alekseev - 2011-08-30

    that problem was when we test mumble with 20+ peoples, when it become 200+
    online problem was when priority is not high, because with l2 or wow when you
    a on some massive pvp and game own a lot of cpu mumble start "frizing" on
    client, if you a stil interested in start mumble with priority lower that high
    there is quick solution(for me at least) was to make launcher
    logic was 1. start mumble 2. wait 3 sec 3. change proccess priority
    i use for it Autoit. write script and compile to exe

    bigger problem right now that some people have not properly set up or work
    mic, and like in vt you can not add or reduce volume on them, and even that
    everyone tell them how to do set up, it not help

  • Steve Alekseev

    Steve Alekseev - 2011-08-30

    btw sorry for ny bad english =)