Attenuate only works with some games

  • moogleslam

    moogleslam - 2012-09-14

    I am having an issue with Attenuate in some games. The problem is very
    inconsistent, so I'm not sure what the issue is. In Diablo 3 for instance, it
    works perfectly all the time. In F1 2011 and Race 07, it doesn't work at all.
    In F1 2012 Demo, it works in the first couple of loading screens then stops.

    I run Win 7 64bit and have a Xonar DX Soundcard.

    I know that Attenuate DID work in F1 2011 at one point, so I'm sure its
    something I've done, but I can't figure out what.

    I've uninstalled Mumble, and removed all references from the registry then re-
    installed. I've re-installed my sound card drivers. I'm not sure what else I
    can try.

  • moogleslam

    moogleslam - 2012-09-14

    I tested this with a lot more games, and 3 different media players. Here are
    the results:

    Works Perfectly:
    Worms Reloaded Yes
    Windows Media Player 12 Yes
    Diablo 3

    Works on Opening Screens Only:
    Dear Esther
    Oblivion (Menu screen only before you get into actual game)
    F1 2012 Demo

    Doesn't work at all:
    Warcraft 3
    VLC Media Player
    Windows Media Player Classic
    Company of Heroes
    Far Cry 2
    Battlefield 1942
    Resident Evil 5
    Race 07
    F1 2011

  • moogleslam

    moogleslam - 2012-09-14

    Well, after many hours, I have found the problem. A setting in the Xonar DX
    Control panel called GX. It has to be turned OFF for Mumble to work
    properly in all applications.


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