Bryan - 2014-01-04

Hello Everyone,

I have an SSL Certificate from Comodo that I use for my website. I am having a hard time using the same certificate for a mumble server using the same domain.

I have this in my mumble-server ini file.


When I restarted the server, it gave no errors and rebooted fine. The Mumble Client is able to access ping the server, but I cannot join. The log contains the following information.

<W>2014-01-04 17:11:29.387 1 => <7:(-1)> New connection:
<W>2014-01-04 17:11:29.507 1 => <7:(-1)> SSL Error: No certificates could be verified
<W>2014-01-04 17:11:29.511 1 => <7:(-1)> Connection closed: [-1]

I am running the server on an Ubuntu Server Box. Any help is much appreciated.