Audio recieving issues in mumble

  • Anonymous - 2012-04-06

    When I use mumble, at seemingly random intervals my mumble client will stop
    working properly. Audio Output stops working entirely, but I am still able to
    transmit (and be heard by others) and I can still see and hear text to speech
    from the built in chat. I have to reload the client, or change something in
    settings that causes the client to refresh to get speech back, only to have to
    stop working in the same fashion.

    It also seems to cause video to freeze for 3 seconds on average when it does
    stop working.

    I have tried reinstalling, even as far as reinstalling windows. Still happens.

  • James Whimp

    James Whimp - 2012-05-27

    Bump.... I am having this problem as well.
    I use mumble to chat while in game (Counterstrike Source). My mates can hear
    me thru mumble but I can't hear them after I transmit approx 3-5 times. Game
    overlay shows me they are talking and we have tried troubleshooting it before
    inc multiple re-installs. I have found if I alt tab and change any settings
    and then apply it resets it and works for another couple of transmits then
    allows me to transmit fine but not receive and this is really starting to shit
    me off as I can't work this problem out. FYI I am new to Mumble but have gone
    thru all the setups and everything. Been having the same problem now for
    approx 1 month.