• IdologicJeff

    IdologicJeff - 2007-06-28

    I'm trying to compile mumble-0.9.5 on a Centos 4 (which is pretty much the same as RHE4). Actually to be clearer, I am really only interested in compiling murmur.

    I've modified as follows
    - "SUBDIRS += src/mumble src/murmur"
    + "SUBDIRS += src/murmur"

    So that only murmur compiles.
    I have QT-4.3.0 installed in:

    This means the includes murmur requires are in:

    And the libs are:

    Any suggestions on where I can include the above directories so that I don't get this error when compiling?:
    murmur_pch.h:7:18: QtDBus: No such file or directory


    • Thorvald Natvig

      Thorvald Natvig - 2007-06-28

      If you ran qmake from /usr/local/bla bla, the paths are correct. However, did you compile Qt with dbus support?

      If not, you can add it on by going to .. er.. path-to-qt-source/tools/qdbus and typing '/path/to/qmake && make'