Mumble causes high CPU Load

  • PeteSahad

    PeteSahad - 2007-11-02


    First of all: great job of all mumble developers, a really cool alternative to TeamSpeak.

    I use mumble since a few month and it worked quite well. But in the last time mumble causes nearly 25 % CPU load on my Core Duo processor, which causes lags even in windows (e.g. mouse lags). As far as I remember, when it worked well, it had 3 % of CPU load. Forcing mumble to use just one core shows no difference. (no matter which one of the two)

    I have no idea, what I could have changed, that affects mumble.

    Does anybody else have the same effect or any hints to solve this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

    • javitonino

      javitonino - 2007-11-03

      Maybe it is related to the new encryption added in 1.1.0 but, if I recall correctly, benchmarks showed that there was no significant performance loss, even in old computers, so it shouldn't be happening on that core duo. Some questions that may help troubleshooting:
      - OS and Mumble version?
      - It happens always or only while running games (i.e: overlay running)? From what I understood, always.
      - Does it eat your CPU while not connected to a server?
      - Does this also occurs with the server (murmur)? If it is related to encryption or something, it should also show in murmur, as it has to encrypt/decrypt the packets.
      - Have you tried lowering the complexity option in the options? It should be at minimum if you haven't touched it.

      Some of them are a little random, just trying to determine if it is related to encryption or audio compression, that are the most CPU intensive things that I can think of in mumble.

    • PeteSahad

      PeteSahad - 2007-11-03

      Hi, thx for your answer and sorry for the lack of the details.

      • OS: Windows XP, SP2.
      • Version: it lags with all versions, I used mainly 1.0, but tried 1.1 and 0.94, same effect
      • it happens as soon as I start mumble, not matter if connected to a server or not
      • overlay was switched off, no result
      • no, running murmur is just fine as always

      As I wrote before, it worked perfectly and it still works at the PC of a friend of mine, who has exactly the same Mainboard and CPU

      I didn't install any new soundcard drivers.. Is it possible that some ffdshow filters or AC3 filters may cause the lag in combination with mumble?
      I just did some major installs like JRE and Microsoft .net

    • javitonino

      javitonino - 2007-11-03

      I can't think of any reason for mumble to lag when started, as it only loads a gui and some libraries. It may be some problem with Qt or speex.
      You can try to test some programs from [offtopic: someone should update mumble info there] to see if it is only mumble, or any qt program. For example, you can try (chosen mostly because it will use the network components of Qt 4, like mumble).
      Or, you can also try another app that uses speex (Teamspeak comes to my mind) to check if it works fast.
      And try running mumble from a console (Start->Run->cmd->mumble) to see if it outputs something that can give any clue, althought I really doubt this will reveal something useful.

      Good luck

    • PeteSahad

      PeteSahad - 2007-11-03

      Hm, I think I can eliminate speex as reason as I use TeamSpeak all the time without any lags.

      qBittorent seems to be for linux only, so no chance for testing... I tried SMPlayer instead, but this works fine.

      I started mumble from the console but nothing... does it have any flags for giving output in a textfile or anything?

    • javitonino

      javitonino - 2007-11-06

      I am not sure about the flags. I use linux so I can only suppose that it will work the same way in Windows. If it doesn't output anything then I don't know. Uhm, try minimizing it to the tray to see if drawing the gui eats cpu for breakfast of it is another thing.

    • PeteSahad

      PeteSahad - 2007-11-07

      Minimizing it to try makes no difference. Still about 25-30 % CPU load.

    • PeteSahad

      PeteSahad - 2007-11-13


      I'm still trying to solve this problem.

      I used ProcessExplorer, which shows me around 25 % CPU Load caused by "Deferred Procedure Calls" every time I start Mumble (mumble itself is just normal with 0-1%).

      Do you have any idea, why Mumble defers Procedure Calls or how I can stop this?


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