Anonymous - 2012-05-17


I have install on my Debian 6 (64bits) mumble-server, I have run "dpkg-
reconfigure mumble-server" and set "yes" at the question about to run
automatically the deamon murmur at the reboot of the server.

The problem is that when I reboot my server, murmur is not started :(
I have to do /etc/init.d/mumble-server restart for start murmur.

I have verified my apache err.log and murmur.log...

In the log of apache I have not error, it's clean.
But in murmur.log I can read that it has no start at the reboot. I can just
read that it was stop just before the reboot, normal... :(

When I look in /etc/default/mumble-server, I have the good configuration :

0 = don't start, 1 = start


0 = don't use capabilities, 1 = start process as root and drop to non-

privileged user

If started as root, mumble will keep the CAP_NET_ADMIN privilege and drop

all others. This allows it to set high-priority TOS on outgoing IP packets.


This controls how many file descriptors the murmur process can open.

As a rule of thumb, you should have about 20 descriptors per virtaul

server and one for each client. So 30 servers with 20 clients each would

need at least 720 descriptors (30 * 4 + 30 * 20).


Could you help me ?