A bizarre issue.

  • guzenn

    guzenn - 2014-04-16

    Hello, I've had a very weird issue which affects Mumble and not only, and Mumble itself probably is not the core of the issue, but I decided this is the best place to look for help.

    Sometimes when I try to launch a game, it won't launch and I won't be able to kill the process and the only way to get rid of it would be rebooting my PC. The issues affect steam games so if I kill that, it just crashes on startup.

    Now the issue affects Mumble only after I do reboot my PC, and doesn't always happen, but the issue is, all of my favorited servers just disappear. More than that, whenever I try to add one to favorites, it just won't stay on the list, it disappears as soon as I close the server list. This is already but, but the issue get worse. I can't connect to any servers in any way. If I try to I get a prompt regarding accepting the certificate, as if I was connecting to the server for the first time, but if I do choose to accept it, it won't let me in the server anyway, I just get the promt again and again ad infinitum. The only way to stop that and finally connect to a server, is to create a new user account on my PC and use mumble from there, which means I have to set everything up again, changing all of my system, mumble, firefox and steam settings, which is a pain. The games this has happened with so far are Team Fortress 2, Resident Evil 6 and Borderlands 2.

    Most people I've asked never heard of anything like this before, and the issue probably isn't only casued by Mumble, but I hope someone here can help me.

    Thanks in advance.

    Last edit: guzenn 2014-04-16
  • mumblenz

    mumblenz - 2014-05-25

    Id say you have a corrupt user profile folder, Which is why mumble wont save its settings. Probably caused by all the random restarts. Creating a new profile and pulling through any data you want from your old account is about the only way you can fix it properly.


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