Some more details needed

  • Raptor

    Raptor - 2006-01-18

    I've tested murmur&mumble successfully with FreeBSD on the server side, but after the hassle setting it up, there are some questions left:
    - does murmur need the boost library and libspeex?
    - Is sqlite3 in Qt 4.1.0? (it seems so, since i had installed sqlite2 only via ports)

    Other questions are:
    - how could I help with getting the memory offset of games? With something like softice?
    - are there some command line parameters in mumble to connect directly to a server?

    Games I would like to see supported would be GuildWars and the free Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

    • Thorvald Natvig

      Thorvald Natvig - 2006-01-20

      Murmur only needs Qt. It may need boost in the future, but so far it's not the case.

      Yes, QT includes sqlite3.

      The offsets for games.. Well, there are numerous ways to find them, but they all require a bit of reverse engineering knowledge. Softice should work well if you're familiar with it.

      At the moment there are no command line parameters, the client application is a GUI thing. We might add DDE to it or something similar later, so it's easy to register e.g. URL handlers.