Running murmur inside a chroot

  • marcrg

    marcrg - 2007-02-13

    I'm trying to run murmur (0.9.4) inside a chroot. Copied all the needed libraries that were found via ldd and strace into the chroot dir.
    I compiled and tested it on my home machine (Ubuntu 6.10) which works fine. Users can connect and talk to each other.
    Running the same chrooted version on another server (Ubuntu 6.06), users can still connect, switch channels, etc., but there is no audio data transmitted to other users.
    Any ideas what might be the cause for this?

    • marcrg

      marcrg - 2007-02-14

      Tried the svn version of murmur, but it shows the same problem.
      The server is an amd64 smp machine, are there any known problems with that kind of hardware? Maybe some threading stuff or something like that?
      If there is more info needed for helping to solve this issue, please ask.

      I just don't see any logical reason why on one machine murmur runs fine and on the other one it runs fine but without audio transmission.

      • Thorvald Natvig

        Thorvald Natvig - 2007-02-15

        Mumble/murmur uses TCP for control data (authentication, changing channels etc) and UDP for raw audio data. Are you by any chance blocking UDP?

        • marcrg

          marcrg - 2007-02-15

          No, there aren't any iptables rules defined that could block udp.

          The client also doesn't show if anyone is speaking, I mean the user-color doesn't turn to red it just stays grey. I don't know how that is transmitted, or if that is triggered only by incoming data.

          Btw, tested murmur on a third machine and it's segfaulting there. Gonna put gdb in that chroot tonight and try to figure out why.