Have created a ticket for this, but i wonder if i am just the one bothered by it?

If you listen to your, microphone, or well anything that goes through Mumble, it will always have some noise suppression on.

And no, i am not talking about the encoding that goes on, i am really talking about the noise suppression.

It´s very easy to detect, listen to your Microphone, do some high sound (maybe yell for like 2-3 seconds). Then after that you will hear that the noise is higher, then it will go down, as the nosie suppression detected it was some "real" sound when you yelled, and when yous topped, it goes to a more aggressive mode i guess.

I find this very irritating for my own case, as it sounds alot better for me with Noise suppresion completely off, then with some kind of noise suppression on, as my mic is pretty good and doesn´t have that much noise, compared to cheap mics that has more noise then real audio.

Would be awesome if this could be added.

Please give me your thoughts on this, do you care about it, or haven´t you noticed it, etc.