TCP ping and packet loss high on one server.

  • Jacob Gooch

    Jacob Gooch - 2012-07-06

    Randomly yesterday on one mumble server I frequent people started complaining
    that my audio was choppy. I checked my information, and I have a huge TCP ping
    and about 30% packet loss

    I have played with all of the settings in mumble, including the network
    options like force TCP

    Nothing about the quality of my internet connection has changed, I am not
    torrenting or uploading anything.

    I don't think the issue is my router either, completely disabling the firewall
    does not fix the issue.

    The weirdest thing is that it only occurs on this server, on other servers I
    do not have the same issue, but no others on the problematic server have this

    I tried completely reinstalling mumble many times, I even removed every
    mention of mumble from the registry to completely remove it then reinstall it.

    If you can help me that would be appreciated, my specs are in this pastebin
    that i made with speccy if you want to see them.

  • Jacob Gooch

    Jacob Gooch - 2012-07-06

    I also randomly get disconnected with this message:
    Server connection failed: The remote host closed the connection.
    I then reconnect on the first retry

  • Dutch Tiger

    Dutch Tiger - 2014-03-05

    I've been having the same issue,
    my TCP ping is really the rest is fine,
    i have no internet issues only mumble has problems and only at certain time periods,
    the rest of the time it works fine.

  • Brandon Haraway

    Brandon Haraway - 2014-03-16

    Same exact issue here. Extremely frustrating.