Quentin - 2013-11-24

Hi. I've got some problem with mumble since a long time by now : I can't use it.

I launch mumble, set a server address and then try to connect to it. Here, i've got 2 different case :

First one : I'm login on the serv, I see "root" channel and nothing more.
Second one : I see all the serrver content, users who're on the server; but I can't switch of channel nor text someone & the other on mumble doesn't see me on the serv.(I dont see more than the ones who were connected as I tryed to connect, like a ghost image of who were on when I've tryed to log in).

But the 2 issues got some same problem :
I cant log off when i've log on a serv. If I try to close mumble, it stay open on the process tab of the task manager, as well as an mumble icon stay on the icon bar on right lower corner of the screen.

I've found some who seems to has the same problem, like him & him :

I've tryed to install and re-install... I launch it in admin mode, with xp sp2 comptability. It's been over a year of this f* bug and all the result I find to try to resolve the problem are for linux users...
I run a 64bit win7 famillial.

I've got 0 problem with other prog... TS3 works like a charm & other thing who require vocal (like skype) are fine 2. Only mumble have fun with playing with my nerves, and all clan on my game serv are on it (like if it was not alreaddy a lot annoying...).

So... you're my last try to get it work before I desinstall it for ever...

Thanks for reading and soz for my bad english, i'm not english native.