No Sound In Mumble

  • Gom8z

    Gom8z - 2010-02-04

    Hey Guys,

    Checked to see if this hasn't been flaged up before but two of my community
    members I'm switching over to Mumble have said they can't hear anything when
    they connect to Mumble (even the audio wizard sound test guy). The strange
    thing is we can hear them clearly so theres no problem with the mic output.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.. One of my guys is using a Soundmax

  • cal

    cal - 2011-11-08

    This is my problem too. Why are there no responses?

  • Benjamin Jemlich

    We can't do anything without enough information. Try to install the latest
    snapshot and/or disabling/enabling positional audio.

  • cal

    cal - 2011-11-08

    Yes sorry I found tarun80's post just after so was returning to comment.
    Enabling positional audio cured it alright. If you want I can still post my
    hardware if it helps with the bug. Thanks

  • [IA]KaTiE KaBo0M

    Seems in my case every time I reboot it changes the settings. The problem is that I use a gaming keyboard that oddly enough has its own sound card and my webcam mic and headphone mic .. it seems my computer gets confused and I have to go into the settings and change it. However I really wish there was a better sound test once all set up .. kinda like Skype has .. because I only know if it is working if others verify that it is. I mean it should be but then I say hello and hear nothing so I say I can't hear anything. And they type to me saying they are talking and can hear me. So then I know .. gotta change those settings again .. I have 3 listed in Audio Output:

    Speakers (RealTek High Definition Audio)
    Realtek Digital Output (RealTek High Definition Audio)
    Realtek Digital Output(RCA) (RealTek High Definition Audio)