Murmur server on Win7 64bit dropping all users every 8 minutes...

  • Brad Petrie

    Brad Petrie - 2014-01-19

    This has been an interesting issue. Set up the murmur server without issues and have been connected via my public IP from 2 separate computers the entire time (connecting from private IP also works good) - however other people connecting from disparate locations around the world are being disconnected at exactly 8 minute intervals from the time they first connect.

    I have looked through google to see similar problems and surprisingly found none listed.

    Here's some details...

    router is port forwarding good
    server is in DMZ
    no Antivirus software or similar installed
    The OS is a fresh install
    ARP has been cleared
    NIC drivers are current from MFG
    router firmware is current
    OS Firewall on/off doesnt make difference (connection drop occurs regardless)
    Using 1.2.4 directly from sourceforge site (other users also using this version)
    bandwidth setting is well above requirements in config file (gigabit fiber connection)
    connection from my LAN via local IP, as well as using public IP is no problem
    User side QoS on/off doesnt change dropping

    Only issue I havent resolved yet is my IP is dynamic at the moment (have applied for static IP already). However even if I have a static IP I dont see how it would change the situation unless the root cause is occuring within the ISP's network - in which case, I would expect that my local computers connecting via public IP to the murmur would also experience the same 8 minute interval disconnects. All users are able to auto-reconnect to the server a few seconds after being dropped without problems.

    Anyone seen this problem before? Advice?

  • Brad Petrie

    Brad Petrie - 2014-01-22

    echo cho ho o o...

  • Will

    Will - 2014-01-29

    Hi, I have a similar problem. I am running Murmur and World of Tanks, when I'm in game, my game stops updating on screen (although I am still in control), then a few seconds later, anyone connected to murmur is dropped for a few seconds. This does not happen if I'm in the lobby.

    It happens near enough every 20 minutes and a few seconds. It does not happen if murmur is not running, or if someone else runs the murmur server and I just use mumbles.

    I presumed it might be a lease time expiring but can find no way to adjust this in any of the files.

    Running Windows 8.1 x64

    **Further update, I have moved the murmur to another pc and am still experiencing the issue, virgin internet with superhub, something in there seems to be the issue. I will test further and update.

    Last edit: Will 2014-01-29
  • Will

    Will - 2014-01-31

    Solved! (ish...)

    having switched the cable modem / router to modem only mode and replaced with another router, everything is now functioning as it should, no more dropping connections.

    Originally I did add exceptions correctly, I tried it in the DMZ etc but always the same, connected via a Cisco Linksys router from many years ago and all working fine, shame that it only has 100Mb ports and is actually slower than my internet... sigh{first world problem woman is weeping for me} oh well, going to go and fork out a large sum of money for an up to date decent router.

    Try replacing your router and see what happens! + don't forget to let us know on here so future users can benefit.


  • Brad Petrie

    Brad Petrie - 2014-01-31

    It's been a little while since I last wrote this. A good number of things have happened since then - and the final untested piece is in fact replacing my router. I am fairly certain that the router is showing it's age is all. Am planning to replace it with an Asus RT-AC68U. Will post here again with results.

  • Brad Petrie

    Brad Petrie - 2014-02-11

    The Asus RT-AC68U router has been running for a while now but users are still being disconnected every 8 minutes.

    I tried to explain to the provider (NTT) that the next logical step is to switch out the current ONU (most often referred to (incorrectly)as Modem) with a new one. Since normal internet service is working fine they declined to send a new one.

    I have contacted their competitor and will have a new internet line installed within 1-3 weeks.

    Just as a FYI for future searchers, the problem is occuring in Chiba prefecture from roughly October 2013 to present (FEB/11/2014). I strongly suspect that the problem lies with the network equipment on NTT (line owner) and/or Plala (ISP).

    My new service is with AU KDDI, on a completely separate infrastructure and cable.

    I will post results when the installation is completed.


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