push to talk - sound and server questions

  • plopke

    plopke - 2009-07-13

    1)Is it possible to configure mumble that a sound plays when you push your push to talk button ? Always uses it in ventrillo so I notice that i dont press my talk button by mistake.

    2)I finally got murmur running on ngnix + php-fpm +Ice , but is ice the best method to configure server remotly , which is actually the best interface to use to configure ,php_interface ?

    3) ;o In documentation they all talk about murmurd but there is only murmur.x86 ?

    4) how do I run murmur not as root , any links would be handy :)?

    • fwaggle

      fwaggle - 2009-07-13

      1) I think that would count as a feature request, I don't believe such a feature exists yet - I wouldn't know though I use voice sensing.

      2) I personally don't like Ice, but it's probably the best system for Murmur - I believe dbus is on the way out.

      3) murmur.x86 is the filename in the static binary packages, if you build it yourself it comes out as murmurd. Consider the two filenames interchangeable.

      4) You should just be able to change ownership of the configuration, the log files, and the sql database and run it as a non-root user. I've never run murmur as root so it's foreign to me how you'd end up with it running as root to begin with?

    • plopke

      plopke - 2009-07-13

      xD thanks , silly that i dint figure out PTT stood for push to talk hehe

    • Charlesg99

      Charlesg99 - 2009-07-13

      There is already an option in the "Audio input" tab for a sound like in ventrilo when you're using push to talk. Just check the box next to "PTT audio cue"

  • xlarge7414

    xlarge7414 - 2012-09-22

    Is it possible to setup a server where people can only use push to talk?