Dark Jester - 2014-07-23

I'm using Linux Mint 17 64-bit Cinnamon. I've installed Mumble from the OS repo, and have v1.2.4-0.2ubuntu1.1 according the the About box.

The issue I have, as the subject states, is that when Mumble attenuates a program when a user speaks (my music playing in Banshee in this case), it does not return the application volume back to its original state, so the attenuation ends up continually reducing my music volume until it is muted.

The attenuation works when I've tested playing YouTube videos in Firefox, but as I've said, Banshee just keeps getting quieter.

I want to use attenuation for my music, but obviously I want it to put the volume back up when a user finishes talking. How can I fix this?

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