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Shortcuts - Use

Bill Smith
  • Bill Smith

    Bill Smith - 2005-12-05

    Am evaluating use of mumble for "Our Game, Amateur Radio". Would like to use the program to remote-control the use of a radio transmitter. Ideally the program would allow signaling to turn the transmitter power on/off, and send/receive. Under config-shortcuts is a key definition screen which looks like this feature is built into the program. Have downloaded source, but wonder if there is any overview/description of controls and whether they interface to computer ports or?
    Thank you.

    Bill AB6MT

    • Thorvald Natvig

      Thorvald Natvig - 2005-12-09

      The shortcuts all interface with DirectInput, so to "remote control" Mumble, you'll have to create a direct input device.

      It's probably much easier to code a small class that does whatever you want and plug that into mumble.