Subchannel shortcut as AltSpeak

  • McFly

    McFly - 2008-02-01


    because you closed my bugreport i try to discuss here ;)
    You wrote that speaking with "parent channel" or "sub channel" key is AltSpeak by design.
    But this way in my opinion makes the "normal" AltSpeak weak.
    Here my example for our Battlefieldtournament:

    -Team A
    | -Squad 1
    | -Squad 2
    -Team B
    -Squad 1
    -Squad 2

    I hope that the text is not disorted by the forum.
    The commanders are using direct the "Team A", "Team B" Channels. The Squads are using there Squad channel "1,2".
    So the players in one Team can talk to each other by using the "parent" or "subchannel" keys.
    But i want to have the functionality that the 2 commanders can also talk via "AltSpeak". But if i link "Team A" and "Team B" and deny normal speak.
    Team B can hear Team A if they are using the parentchannel key.
    I have no criterion to distinguished between the subchannel of Team A and Team B because they have the same depth.
    Or it there another way to have 2 psoibilities to talk on one hand to an parent channel and on the other hand to another channel?

    Thanks for answer.

    • Thorvald Natvig

      Thorvald Natvig - 2008-02-01

      It's closed, but you can still respond. If you do, it gets reopened.

      If push-to-talk-to-parent was NOT altspeak, there would be no way to talk to only your own squad if someone else had pressed their push-to-talk-to-parent button.

      You have a rather strange setup, btw :)

      Anyway, I believe what you wish can be achieved by allowing altspeak to ~sub,0,1,1 group on Root; that will match anyone in TeamA or TeamB to altspeak to each other, but the decendants will still be quiet.

      • McFly

        McFly - 2008-02-04

        I think my setup is not so strange. :)
        I tried the altspeak ~sub,0,1,1. But that exactly is the problem. If i allow altspeak between "Team A" and "Team B" and of course link the both channels. The Commander in "Team B" can hear people using the "parent channel" key in the subchannles of "Team A" (and vice versa).
        And of course "Team B" can hear what "Team A" is talking to the subchannels.
        If would the "parent channel" key "only" normal speak that woulnd't be the case because only AltSpeak is allowed between the Teams.
        I don't understand were the disadvantage is when parentspeak would be normal speak.
        The Parentchannel" shortcut creates a temporarly link to his parent channel, so if noone presses the shortcut there are no talking between "Team X" and the subchannels.
        I thought i can use Altspeak for temporarly Talking between statislinked channels and "parentchannel"-key for not linked channels (of course subchannles).
        But there is no difference between static linked and temporarly linked channels.
        In my opinion it is an advantage if the "Parentchannel"-key would be normal speak.


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