Daniel - 2013-08-04

Hi, everyone!

I am running two Mumble servers. I have a weird issue (which started a couple days ago) where the murmur.log is filled up with "Global ban" messages. The user count on the server keeps increasing as well, resulting in people not able to join the server. The server's ban list is empty. I thought it may be some sort of firewall issue, so after double checking that the correct port was open I tried disabling the firewall entirely. I have also uninstalled/re-installed the server application. Additionally, there is no firewall or AV installed.

[1] Port(s)
[2] Firewall
[3] Ban List
[4] Re-installing Server Application
[5] Computer/OS

I also tried this on a completely different server (and OS), in a completely different data center.

The IP address being returned for the Global ban messages is the server/host IP address.

Some examples from the murmur.log (both are identical):

<W>2013-08-03 23:41:29.988 1 => Ignoring connection: [IP Address]:54078 (Global ban)
<W>2013-08-03 23:41:29.990 1 => Ignoring connection: [IP Address]:54079 (Global ban)
<W>2013-08-03 23:41:29.992 1 => Ignoring connection: [IP Address]:54080 (Global ban)
<W>2013-08-03 23:41:29.996 1 => Ignoring connection: [IP Address]:54081 (Global ban)
<W>2013-08-03 23:41:29.999 1 => Ignoring connection: [IP Address]:54082 (Global ban)

Any ideas on what is happening?

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